Are you a student living on Tvistevägen?

Student Tvistevägen

Second First exists to create a sustainable and pleasant meeting place on Tvistevägen. As a student, you have a front row seat to visit the store and keep track of our selection. Here you can also borrow tools, pick up waste bags, hand in batteries and light sources. There is a sewing machine in the shop where you can come by and repair or adjust your textiles yourself to make them look better and last longer. We are here for you who live here and want you to feel a sense of belonging to the area, so feel free to knock on the door and tell us what you want us to do to make the shop and the area as good as possible.

Borrow, drop off & pick up



Toolboxes are available to borrow if you want to hang a painting or put together a bookshelf. The toolboxes are equipped with what you need. Just drop by the shop at Tvistevägen 15 and you'll be ready to make your apartment look like home.

Food waste bags

Food waste bags

As a student on Tvistevägen, you will find your brown food waste bags at Second First, both inside the store and outside the entrance.


Light sources & batteries

Welcome to leave your used light sources and batteries at Second First in the store. It is only possible to come in during opening hours as it must be left physically in the store. Wednesdays to Saturdays.

Borrowing a sewing machine

Borrowing a sewing machine

You are welcome to come in during the shop's opening hours to sit down at a sewing machine that is always available with basic sewing accessories. Adjust or repair your garments and extend their life!

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